Walmart Super Center (Louisville, KY) – Quik-Brik


案例研究:沃尔玛超级中心 - 路易斯维尔,KY

When Walmart chose to open a large-scale Supercenter in Louisville, KY, they were challenged to find a product that was strong, durable, stylish, welcoming to customers, and cost-effective. Their desire to provide customers with an overall pleasant shopping experience included the important component of an aesthetically appealing storefront. Quik-Brik helped meet Walmart's construction goals, timeline and budget by providing the look of brick in a mere twelve weeks. Unlike traditional brick, Quik-Brik is a one-piece structural masonry unit, so it saves installation time and conserves materials.

Single Step Installation Using Quik-Brik by Echelon Masonry

建筑师:Boice Raidl Rhea Architects
总承包人:Colcon Industries

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