Scottsdale Fire House - Trendstone

Sector: Public

The sustainable splendor of Trenwyth® TRENDSTONE® architectural masonry helped LEA Architects not only exceed their goals of energy efficiency, but also create an overall vision that garnered a number of accolades for both design and environmental concerns, including the coveted Platinum LEED® certification.

Trenwyth Trendstone建亚博登录地址注册筑砌体用于Scottsdale Fire House

近年来,斯科茨代尔市议会发出了一个积极的环境授权,所有新的政府大楼都能从美国绿色建造委员会获得最低标准的黄金LEED®认证。借助TradeStone®,Lea Architects甚至提高了酒吧,为Downtown Fire Station No. 2设计了一个设计,它使其成为世界上第一个PlatinumLEED®认证的消防局。此外,该设计赢得了斯科茨代尔环境设计奖,消防行业设备研究组织,亚利桑那砌体公会和山谷前进的可持续发展和设计卓越的荣誉。

建筑师Lawrence enyart,Faia,Leed Ap和Lance Enyart,AIA,LEED AP选择了Trenwyth®Drondstone®,它能够满足这一具有挑战性项目的设计和环境需求。该建筑物的外部包括由露出的结构钢组成的许多设计元件,该结构钢设计为天气深红色。Black MountainTradeStone®的丰富色板调色板提供深灰色灰色底座,暴露的红色聚集体将继续按住结构钢。利用局部聚集体的Trenwyth®产品的本地制造,也为设计模仿并补充当地景观。

In addition to its aesthetic qualities and durability, TRENDSTONE® was also chosen for this project due to its thermal mass qualities and ability to offer energy consumption reduction by retaining the building's interior temperature despite wide external temperature fluctuations.

Architect:Lea - Architects,LLC,Phoenix AZ


Trenwyth®TRENDSTONE®地面砖圬工单位integrally colored architectural concrete blocks with one or more faces ground to expose the variegated colors of natural aggregates. Specially designed to resist moisture and efflorescence, TRENDSTONE® is available in multiple shapes and sizes, including oversized units, metric units, ADA compliant round-edged units, and high strength units needed to meet specific structural requirements. TRENDSTONE® saves time and money by providing finished load-bearing or non-load-bearing walls in a single trade, one-step application.